Friday, November 25, 2011

No travels...but LOTS of adventures!

Columbus Day was a while ago, and I finally am MAKING time to update on what's going on in our lives.  Let's just say that the past 2 months have not been boring!  We've been joyously that "something to do every day, and no time to breathe" kind of way.  But, hey...that's was we signed up for right?

We'll start with Carleigh's first attempt at Volleyball - she LOVED it and did extremely well.  Her team ended season play in 4th place out of 25 teams.  She's looking forward to playing again next fall and finding a few summer camps to improve her skills.

We also are proud of Carleigh for auditioning for the her middle school's musical, Annie.  She perservered and got  a part! She will be playing Duffy, one of the orphan's with Annie in the orphanage.  She will have a solo in one of the songs and is having a blast with this new adventure.  The show will open the weekend of March 2, 2012 - look for more info as the date gets closer!

Katie had a great fall rehearsing and performing in our 4th grade Music Program - Revolution Rewind, 1781.  She was excited to "dress like a grown up" as she portrayed a newcaster interviewing key players from the American Revolution.

Katie has also had fun with Girl Scouts and got to spend an entire Saturday with the Society for Women Engineers - learning about the engineering career field and doing different activities.

Halloween came and went.  Car dressed as "Souper Girl" for her school's costume parade and then as a mime for the evening events.  Katie was a "Duct Tape Cavegirl" - she made the costume all by herself.

Katie then traveled back in time as her class went on a field trip to the local one-room school house in Waterford, VA for the day.  Each student portrayed a character from 1880 and dressed like them for the day.

Our most recent adventure just happened a few days ago as we adopted another dog - but...not just another dog....he came to us from the same agency/friend/foster home that we got Lily from and he is Junior (as in Jack Junior). He is a 4 month old  yellow lab/husky mix and he is adorable.  He has been a joy so far, and has a lot of the same traits that Jack had, so he is a happy addition and is adding joy to the empty space that was still there from when Jack passed away in May.

Looking ahead to December, I know that the month will fly by!  Katie has started basketball.  Carleigh will be in full swing with Annie rehearsals.  Don and I will be moving along - one day at a time - as we look ahead to the holiday season!

Coming up next weekend is my next adventure.  I am going to New York City for the day with my mom and my sister, Patty.  I can't wait.  It will be the first "3 adult girls" trip that I can remember - just a day trip to take in NYC at Christmas and have a little bonding time!

Still making plans for next summer and looking forward to whatever lays ahead!

Stay tuned.....