Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break Eve and.....I'm DONE!

I am DONE! It is definitely time for a break from the craziness....but, then I think what craziness?  We haven't had any snow days, we haven't had any crazy adventures or why am I so tired and cranky and need a vacation?  Well, my last post was February 20th, and I haven't had any time to post since then, so something must have been going on that is making me so tired and grumpy....let's see if we can figure this out......

I think I found the culprit....and if he weren't so darned cute!

He is so cute, but so bad right now...8 1/2 months and a ball of energy.  I love my husband so much for not complaining and keeping him exercised so that he doesn't destroy the house.  I think I might complain enough for the both of us.  When he is settled, he is wonderful!! He's had his vet appt. and is ready for Doggie Daycare. Guess where he is going for one day of Spring Break? Yep.....Doggie Daycare baby!! That's the day that Don gets a break and I can clean the house from top to bottom!

My beautiful oldest daughter also turned 12 last week - it's so hard to believe that she is really almost a teenager.....

Patty had fun playing with Lily!

Lily is holding her own and is also very tired!

Do I look tired? :) 

Don also acquired some old/empty picture frames at a local yard sale and experimented with a photo idea that he saw in a book:

 Annie came and went - Carleigh had a blast and did a fantastic job as orphan Duffy!
Her headshot from Annie

She had a blast and can't wait for next year - it was a busy time, but lots of fun!! I sort of miss it too. It was fun being a mom and mingling with other moms.

Plus....the Annie atmosphere at the middle school was a happy place.

Everyone was excited, the energy was high and there was no negativity! Could that be my problem....I was surrounded by joy and happiness, excitement and positive energy for so long and now it's back to the grind?  I just may have found the answer.....what do people say, "if you surround yourself with happy people....." or "find a way to make your own joy!"

So, in blogging and trying to catch up from the last month, I have found the answer! I need to find a happy place again! I need to make my own joy and not wait for others to include me in theirs! And.....that is what Spring Break is for!

A look ahead to next week:
Saturday - family birthday party and the girls head to the grandparents to come home on Tuesday
Sunday - Date day with the husband - can't wait! Dinner and a movie, yes....the dogs are still here.
Monday - Power clean with no crazy dog - Junior is introduced to Doggie Daycare for the day.
Thursday - Washington DC for the day with the girls. National Archives, American History Museum, New exhibit at the International Gallery

I plan on reading a novel or two and working on my tan.....and finding my relaxed, happiness again. I am also excited about continuing to plan our summer adventures!

I am actually looking forward to the last quarter of school, I just need a break. I have lots of fun things planned for my classroom during those last 9 weeks.

So stay tuned.....will I find joy and fun? What will Spring Break hold for the Rahns?