Friday, June 11, 2010

Seldom A Dull Moment!- what does that mean?

Seldom A Dull Moment? You might ask what that all means...well it goes back to before we were even married. (Circa 1998)

Don and I loved to go on new adventures and we prided ourselves on doing something new and exciting every month. Also, Don's sense of humor and wit was constantly keeping me on my toes. I never knew what was going to happen next! It was great and we both decided that "Never a Dull Moment" was too much, because you have to relax and have quiet time sometimes. But...."Seldom A Dull Moment" was perfect. We were always busy, active and hopefully...laughing and enjoying life!

We got married in July, 1999 - got pregnant on our Honeymoon to Belize (we actually planned that), put a contract on a brand new house when we returned, got a new puppy in November, Carleigh was born in March, and we moved into our new house....all before our first wedding anniversary! SELDOM A DULL MOMENT!! :)

Our lives together since our first wedding anniversary - we are approaching #11 next month - have been full of adventures, love, happy times and of course, our share of different stresses. Our girls are now 8 and 10; our dog, Jack, is approaching 11 and we continue to celebrate, "Seldom A Dull Moment!"

The purpose of this blog is to share our adventures with friends and family as we continue to embrace adventure and life as we live by our motto, "Seldom A Dull Moment!"

Below you will find pictures representing our adventures over the past year! We can't wait for what lays ahead. (check out the countdown tickers to the right!) If you want to join us for the ride, we'd love to have you as we share the adventures of the Purcellville Rahns!

May, 2010 - back to Pennsylvania for a family wedding
April, 2010 - hiking in Virginia - at the top of Bears Den
March, 2010 - New York City for Spring Break
January, 2010 - back to Wyoming for a Solo Trip
January, 2010 - Miley Cyrus Concert in Washington D.C.
October, 2009 - Disney World for Halloween
August, 2009 - Niagara Falls, Canada with Don's Family
August, 2009 -Hershey Park, PA with friends
July, 2009 - a week in Emerald Isle, North Carolina with family
Jackson Hole Antler Arches - Wyoming....June, 2009

Next stop...Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii in 13 days!!

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