Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Need A Vacation!....or at least an adventure...

Two more weeks  till our next adventure.  That's two weeks too long!  Most people think of preparing for and taking vacations as a stressful event and many claim that they need a vacation after their vacation.  For me...if I lay dormant for too long, then I get stressed or grumpy.  I need to be planning a vacation and looking towards one.

But, enough negativity, and let me share what's on the horizon:

If you've been following, you know that the Rahn family has our self-created holidays (Lobster Day), well with the extended break from work that is being provided for us this year, we decided to create another holiday.

Enter "MuchosRahnGracias," the period from when school/work ends on Friday, through to the eve of Thanksgiving. For the past few years, we have had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off.  That day has been a special treat for us and we can run errands before out of town guests start arriving, and also an annual tradition is to see the latest Disney movie that is usually released on that Wednesday.

But this year, thanks to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, we have the whole week off due to two teacher furlough days.  As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make we planned a day of fun for that Saturday and are thinking of other ways to celebrate MuchosRahnGracias on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday, November 20th we are off to the National Harbor near Washington D.C. to the Gaylord Resort (Don really doesn't like the name of the resort :).  We have 10:00 a.m. reservations for Breakfast with the Grinch and then 1:00 p.m. reservations for the ICE adventure at the resort.  I've heard wonderful things about ICE and can't wait to experience it. I'm looking forward to exploring a new place and having lots of holiday fun.  My sister Patty is going to join us for this day.

Stay tuned for what other events might pop up during MuchosRahnGracias!

Now for the highlight and happy surprise that appeared in my inbox last week.....

I love my musicals and am a subscriber to Broadway Across America.  You would have thought that I got an early birthday or Christmas present when I saw the email that Donny and Marie Osmond are going to be on Broadway for 12 shows in December.  I immediately called my mom, another musical/Broadway lover, and basically begged for her to go with me to see them.

The Donny and Marie show on Friday nights during my elementary school years was the highlight of my week in the 70's.  I had the dolls; I had the albums; I had the posters and I would even hold the microphone of my cassette tape player up to the tv and "record" the show if  mom and dad were out (and Patty and I had a babysitter). I would force mom to listen to it the next day and relive it with me.  That was long before the time of VCR players.....

About 2-3 years ago, I came across the DVD release of volume 1 of the original Donny and Marie show, and also a DVD release of their 1978 Christmas special from TV.  Well, Carleigh and Katie watched it once, then twice and then had both DVD's memorized.  Made me so happy! :) 

So...on Saturday, December 11th - the four of us (Mom,Carleigh, Katie and I) are going to New York City for about 36 hours to see Donny and Marie do a Christmas Show on Broadway.  They are billing it as "just like the old fashioned TV specials from years ago..."  I can't wait!!!!!

To top it off - on November 9th - the Disney Store in Times Square opens!  Those of you who know me well, know that anything Disney makes me happy!!  Well....this store is supposed to be the biggest Disney Store in North America! When I found out last year (for our April trip to NYC) that the  old NYC store had closed, I was very sad, so you better believe I've been plotting and planning on how to get back to NYC when I found out about this one.

Two will go fast, that I know.....then it's time for MuchosRahnGracias!

Then two weeks after to NYC!

Then less than two weeks after that is the start of Rahnakkah! (If you don't know Rahnakkah, I'm not going to spoil the surprise just yet :)

I don't do well with down time, I need to be busy!  Two weeks.....only two more weeks......