Sunday, May 27, 2012

What do you want to do this summer?

 Only 9 more days of school! Lots to accomplish and lots to finish up, but then it's SUMMER!!! With summer comes the craziness of the Rahnsummer!! (Yes, that's one word - Rahnsummer is a noun that describes the adventures and escapades of the Rahn family after the last day of school, and before the first day of the new school year).

Borrowing the idea from a blogging friend of mine, here are the.....

ABC's of the Rahn Summer of 2012:

A- Airplanes, anniversary, Antler Arch pictures, Antelope
B- Beach, basketball camp, Bison, blogging
C -CD’s for the beach trip, Cat Ballou, Cody
D- Doing nothing
E -Emerald Isle, extra time for fun
F - Family game nights, feeding seagulls, Father's Day
H -Hotels, hikes, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Horseback Riding
I -Idaho
J -Jackson Hole, Junior turns 1!
K- Katie’s birthday, kites on the beach
L -Lyceum, Lobster Day #11
M-Medieval Times, Montana, Moose, movies, matching beach shirts
N- New recipes
O- Oysters
P- Peaceful mornings, projects
Q- Quiet mornings on the beach and in the mountains and on the prairie.
R- Rocky and Rina’s pool, read books, resting, relaxing, road trips
S-sleeping, singing in the car, staying at home
T -Tetons, traveling, taking pictures
U- Ululating
W- Walking the dogs, Wyoming
X- Xenoliths
Y -Yellowstone
Z- zzzzzsleeping

Wish us luck as we persevere through the last two weeks of school!!! Lots of fun times ahead!

Stay tuned to see what happens first....... 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Less than 4 weeks and.....

This is the time of year when we are REALLY busy as things start winding down for the year. People think, "Oh, you (as a teacher) must be so excited to be almost finished for the year!"  Yes, I am, but what most people don't realize is what goes into finishing the year and what is left to be done. The end of the school year tends to be the busiest time of the year, and I also have all the mommy and family things going on.

Just this past week my family was involved in 4 different SOL tests, 6th Grade Band Concert, Carleigh's Hip Hop Dance Recital, extended rehearsals for both and some very important afterschool teacher meetings.

Yes, I will miss my students this year, but I can't wait to be a stay at home mom for 2 1/2 months and not have to fit in my 7 loads of laundry on the weekend.

Enough griping.....I love my job, I love my family and I love being as my college roommate used to say, we can sleep when we are old. :)

Carleigh is saying goodbye to her trombone after June 8th. She made it through the year, maintained a better grade in Band than I ever thought she would, and did not give up!  Her final band concert of her foreseeable future was this past week.

She's sort of excited....

Then we had her dance recital - it's crazy to think that we have been attending Carleigh's dance recitals since 2003!  She had a great time and this year danced with a great group of middle and high school kids.

I had fun trying to locate recital pics from years past:




This is a video from her 2007 recital -

And here she is this year....
with 2 friends before the show started
Her final song - "Whip My Hair" - the first video is the intro and the second is the rest of the song - she's the tall blond in the back row - the final seconds and the expression on Carleigh's face make it all worth it. (And by all, we mean the other 18 acts that we had to sit through.:)

Carleigh had a great time and another year of dance is coming to an end. Only 4 more weeks and we are in summer mode. I can't wait!!!!!

Stay tuned for whatever might happen before we get to June 8th! At this point, who knows!?