Sunday, August 25, 2013

The last two Rahn events to unofficially end our summer!

Only a few more days till school starts for all of us...Don and I have been back to work for almost a week, and the girls had a great end to their summer. 

They were part of the Growing Stage Summer Theater camp production of Young Frankenstein, the Musical. They had a ball for the past 3 weeks. They spent the time with a great group of 25 kids from around the county. They were both part of the ensemble, and therefore were on the stage quite a bit dancing and singing as villagers or mad scientists, or students.  Here are a few pics from the production:

The full cast

Igor and Dr. Frankenstein

Prior to returning to work, we took one last family hike up  to Bear's Den - on the Appalachian Trail, not far from our house.  It was a beautiful night and we stayed to watch the sunset.  Junior also enjoyed the hike.

overlooking the Blue Ridge into West Virginia

I love where we live!
Two events that have marked the unofficial end of summer. As stated in the last post, lots of changes ahead and lots of new adventures!

Stay tuned to see where the Rahn adventures lead us as we venture into the new school year!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happier times ahead? I think we're ready!

As I look ahead to the last 3 days of summer, before heading back to work full time...I wish for more days, yet I don't. It's the time of year where I am in that conflicted state of mind. I am craving routine and structure to our days, but I don't want the carefree days of sleeping in and "if it doesn't get done today, we'll do it tomorrow" attitude towards life to slip away. I start getting grumpy and realize that I want my house in PERFECT shape before next week, but I don't want next week to come...but then I do...See? Conflicted!

I am excited for this new school year to start! There will be many changes in the Rahn house and I think (hope!) they will all make for a happier home. Each of us will be changing in our own way, and through those outside changes, the inner attitudes will hopefully reflect positively.

Katie will be starting middle school...finally! She has been wishing she could be there for the last 2 years. She has spent many afternoons at the middle school helping with the afterschool musicals that Carleigh was in. Finally, she will be able to audition for the musical and have a locker and change classes, and .... and.... and...

Carleigh is developing into the independent teenager that I was told would be coming. She has lots of friends and I know her eighth grade year will be one of the best yet! I just hope we can all survive it. :)

Don is back in fifth grade, where he belongs - after 4 years in fourth grade he will be teaching fifth grade again.

Don's last summer adventure - camping with friends in PA.

And I will be making that much needed, much anticipated jump to Middle School. I CAN'T wait!! The new experiences and people are going to be so refreshing...I crave change and need to shake it up every now and then! Walt Disney and I agree..."If you can dream it, you can do it!" I've dreamed about it long enough and in 3 days I'll be doing it!

Can this say.. "Let the NEW memories begin?"'s been a great summer, with two fun vacations!

 But the craziness of homework, volleyball, schedules and becoming a working mom again is just around the corner, and ready or we come!

  • Stay tuned for the start of the school year, and trying to figure out how to adjust to all of these changes while maintaining a happy Rahn home! I'm sure there will be stories to tell and pictures to share. :)


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Disney World ... How We Ride the Rides

Rahns Ride the Rides...
This is the first visit to Disney where we actually paid attention to the ride pictures that were available.  We decided to purchase the Photopass+ card before leaving. We've always used the photopass photographers in the parks, and many times we've purchased the CD with our pictures. It's nice to have family photos without worrying about finding someone to take them.

This year I researached the photopass+ card and decided to spend the little extra to get this "upgrade." With the PP+ card, you get all the professional shots in the parks and then you also are able to get ALL of the ride photos that are available at  no additional charge. The 14 pictures below would have been purchased at $14.95 each in the parks, so right there the price of the PP+ card was paid for. We also were able to get all the special dining pictures included at no additional charge.

That also worked for us because we ate dinner at Chef Mickey's and the photo package would have cost about $40. We received it at no additional charge.

mom and Katie are deeply focused

Don knew where the camera was and posed for the picture.

We both posed at exactly the right time. :)

Katie hammed it up for the camera also, and Carleigh appreciated it.

Rina is still focused!
 Ok...this ride picture below has a backstory that needs to be explained! We rode Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom - all 6 of us. My mother is the only one who hadn't been on it before. The ride is bumpy, dark and definitely suspenseful because you don't know when any scary dinosaurs will pop out at you.  Well mom freaked out, and then started yelling that she felt like she was going to fall out of the vehicle (you have seat belts on) - and Katie was crying her eyes out and totally freaked out. The photo below was snapped at the most "thrilling" part where it is dark and this giant dinosaur comes down and appears out of nowhere.

Notice my smile and locate my two arms in the picture below - I was grabbing mom so she wouldn't fall out, holding onto Katie and trying to comfort her - and I was laughing hysterically!!!  Carleigh and Don knew where the camera was.:)

This was the second time that we rode it. Notice, no Rina or Katie. :)

Don and Carleigh rode Everest alone.

The 6 of us had our own car in Test track at Epcot
 Don, Carleigh and I were the only ones brave enough to ride RocknRoller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. I think this is one of my favorite rides - as long as I get through the first 2.8 seconds. :)
Don was in the car behind us.

We rode it twice, and the first time we were all in the same car. Don looks way too relaxed.

So...if you think you will be riding the rides above, or going to any special dining meals that offer photos, you should definitely think about investing in the Photopass Plus card. Did it save us money? Probably not, but it provided us with a lot of additional memories that I might not have been able to record if we hadn't purchased the card. :)

Here are a few of the other favorite photos that we got taken with our photopass card in the parks:

My mother was never shy in front of a camera! :)

So, we have 20 days until Don and I have to return to work. He'll be going back to Mountain View alone, and the three girls will be going to Blue Ridge Middle School. Lots of changes ahead as the new school year starts. But finish summer...

Stay tuned as the Rahns finish the summer of 2013 - we don't have many specific plans, but I can guarantee that it will be "Seldom A Dull Moment?"