Saturday, November 9, 2013

Celebrate the Now, before it becomes a long time ago!

The Days are Long, but the Years are Short!

I heard that quote a few years ago as I was reading a book called The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. It definitely hit home with me, and time was flying right by me and I didn't have time to even notice.

Well, it has happened again and I realized it the other night, as I finished her newest book, Happier at Home. Again, I was brought back to the moment as I read the last chapter in her book entitled "Now."  The main point of that final chapter is to appreciate the now, because as she says.. "Now slowly becomes a long time ago."

We are nine weeks into the school year, and I barely remember any of it. Lots of exciting things have happened over the past 9 weeks including two volleyball seasons, a trip to Pennsylvania, 2 Rahns acclimating to middle school, lots of good news events, Halloween and many fun times.

So, let's take some time to appreciate the it is slowly turning into a long time ago....


 Carleigh played on the Select team this season and represented her middle school. She had a great time, improved a lot and is hoping to make the freshman team at the high school next year. As you can tell from the pics below - her favored position is definitely at the net!!

Katie played for the first time this season, and did a great job. She is looking forward to returning to the youth league next season.

Afterschool Acting Class:

Both girls also participated in a 7 week Acting/Improv class afterschool. They worked with the Drama director of the Blue Ridge musical. They had a great time fine tuning their improv skills and getting a chance to "ham it up" with their Drama friends!

Yes, they are drama kids!!


 Halloween was fun this year, as both girls made their own plans and their own costumes. I just got to sit back and watch. Katie and some friends decided to be "Zombie Nerds." They created the costumes, and then enlisted my mom's help for makeup. They definitely looked the part!!  Carleigh decided to be a Minion and pass out candy with her friends. A fun time was had by all!!

Carleigh and her mini-me, a neighbor across the street.

Trip to Pennsylvania:

 We traveled to Pennsylvania for a quick weekend in October. We went up to celebrate Don's father's confirmation into the Catholic church, and be with family for the 1 year passing of his mother.

Middle School:

Middle school is progressing nicely for the 3 Rahn girls. I'm adapting to 7th grade English and loving it. Katie has transitioned into a 6th grader with minimal stress. Carleigh is loving her last year of middle school, in 8th grade.

Exciting News:

In the coming soon category are many fun events...these events will be here before we know it and then will be we are going to try and appreciate the anticipation and the excitement as we wait for them to arrive!!

The Little Mermaid - both girls were cast in the middle school musical, an ORIGINAL version of The Little Mermaid (no Ariel, and no Ursula with all original songs). They will be playing Gert and Golde the Goldfish....coming Feb. 28th.

Coming in March - Laura was selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert!! Out of 22,000 educators from around the world, she was selected as one of 259 that will travel to Barcelona, Spain for a week in March to network and meet with other teachers from around the world as part of the Microsoft Global Forum.  Plans are in the works for possibly the whole family to accompany me!!

So...The Rahns have had a busy fall, and the first 9 weeks of school are over. The days are getting colder, the threat of snow is actually in the forecast :) and the holidays are on the horizon. The pace is not slowing down, but I hope I can work to appreciate the NOW and not let it fly by and suddenly become the LONG AGO!!

Stay tuned for all of our fall and winter adventures as we continue to celebrate Seldom A Dull Moment!!