Friday, April 3, 2015

Winter ends with 3 words!

Trying to play catch up and document our looking at the pictures and events of the past 3 months, it seems that I can describe it with 3 words - volleyball, snow, and drama.

So here goes...

Volleyball - Carleigh played on her first travel team and had the time of her life! She was part of the Apple Valley 15's Black team in Winchester. Her season has ended and she has  gold, silver and bronze medals to show for it. She worked hard, played hard and made some great new friends. Now into off-season, then pre-season, then tryouts for the JV high school team. She loves this sport and I can't wait to see her play again in the fall!

 Snow - 13 snow days later, we had an interesting winter. There were no big snow storms, but lots of little ones that were enough to cancel school. The dogs had the best time - though we all appreciated the time off and series of mini winter vacations.

  In the midst of snow, volleyball and drama -

 we pause for Katie to receive a Leadership award 
at her school.

 Drama - Katie had a fantastic 3 months rehearsing and performing in Beauty and the Beast. She was one of 4 Silly Girls.  I think she has found her true calling - she can't wait for the next show and is currently in another Musical Theater class and signed up for a summer camp where she will perform Into the Woods.



last bit of fun at the cast party

So here we are, the end of spring break and the beginning of the 4th quarter of school. Summer will be here soon and we will be packing to head out west. We are returning to Wyoming and then heading to new lands as we explore Glacier National Park and venture into Canada to explore Banff National Park and Calgary. 

To quote one of my favorite authors, 
"The days are long, but the years are short,"  
and we need to create fun and memories!

Stay tuned as the Rahns continue to celebrate 
Seldom A Dull Moment!!