Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rahns in May, and then....

On this last day of May, 2015 we are counting down to summer and no homework, no tests, no grading, sleeping in and our own schedules. May was a busy month and flew by in a flash!

Looking back, we started with Katie's performance in her musical theater class. She sang "A Trip to the Library" from the musical, She Loves Me. The video of her performance is below:

Then came Mother's Day weekend and a fun full day trip to National Harbor with my mom and sister. We had a ball and it was great to get away and have a fun adventure!

We then started Katie's 13th birthday celebration - a month early.....

I took Carleigh, Katie and 4 friends to see Pitch Perfect 2 at the movies. Great movie!!!!

The birthday celebrations continued as we did a "Bedroom Makeover." We had to get it done early, as a lot of our summer will be spent traveling and various summer camps.

Memorial Day weekend arrived with BEAUTIFUL 90 degree weather and  the hammock, top off the jeep and finding some time to just relax and read!  Can't wait for summer and LOTS of those days!!

The month ended with a major milestone for Laura - being recognized for 25 years in education with Loudoun County Public Schools.It's crazy to believe that I have been doing this for that long!
2nd grade for 3 years
3rd grade for 3 years
5th grade for 7 years
4th grade for 10 years
and now 7th grade for 2 years...

Sept, 1990 - Year 1 and not even 22 years old yet...

As we get closer to summer, we are counting down  as we prepare for our trip to Wyoming and Montana. Highlights will include Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and then into Canada to Banff National Park and Calgary. Can't wait!!

One of the biggest highlights for Carleigh will be the chance to relive her 2012 adventure - tandem paragliding. Her time has been reserved and on June 27 at 9:00 a.m. mountain time, she will be flying off the top of one of the mountains attached to a complete stranger, and I will be waiting for her at the bottom. The video below is of her 2012 adventure - her footage starts at about 40 seconds.

Stay tuned for the whirlwind of June as we count down to our first big vacation!