Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter.....the big blur! January, February and early March

 Yep, In 7 days we will be on that ship!  But first, what has been going on for the last 2 1/2 months....

So, this year started off with a bang! I looked back and the last post was for Christmas. Seldom a Dull Moment turned into Never A Dull Moment for the Rahns!! We've had lots of fun, but not lots of time to rest and here goes....

The big blizzard came and actually gave us some forced relaxation time. It was fun and actually very beautiful. We got 6 snow days out of it, so I won't complain!


almost 3 feet of snow later

the snow blower actually got a really good workout for a few days

we did a puzzle - quality family time!


February was a little more mile as far as the weather goes. We had a few snow days, but more of a busy month with The Lion King preparations and we also got to celebrate with Rosie and Gwen as they waited for Baby Leo to arrive.

The Moms!!

Happy times!

We also had some beautiful sunrises with the snow and cold.

Then it was time to celebrate Patty's birthday - always a fun time when we all get together!!

End of February - Early March:

Then we entered The Lion King land - and there was no turning back! 8 sold out shows over two weekends and it was crazy. I worked every show (seating people and doing Lobby duties), Katie performed in every show, and Carleigh did hair, makeup and was a dresser for every show. The Rahn girls WERE BUSY!!!

Katie was a zebra for all 8 shows - as well as other ensemble parts, but this was the highlight!

Katie was the understudy for Rafiki, and got to perform on Thursday before opening night. She was fantastic!!

Bubba came down early to see Katie as understudy, and then saw her as a Zebra over the weekend.

The whole gang was there for the first Saturday Show (even Leo).

Our final middle school show, what a great adventure!

We even got the Supt. there - Dr. Williams came on the second Saturday evening - what a crazy night!

we had fun in school too

an amazing show and LOTS of fun!

Then came Leo - we couldn't wait to meet him and we finally did!! He is adorable and we are so excited to welcome him into our family!

So what's next? Well...

we will be entering the port and walking through those mouse ears at the far end...

we will enter into the 4 story lobby and see this beautiful chandelier

we will take the elevators to deck 6 where our staterooms are
...And we will be on a 7 night Disney cruise through the Caribbean with a bonus Star Wars Day at Sea!!

Stay tuned when we return for all of the highlights and with the Rahns, you know there will be lots of crazy adventures!!