Sunday, November 6, 2016

Catching up with the Rahns - Fall 2016

     Seldom a Dull Moment! Yep, that's what this time of year is all about for us! The first two months of the school year always fly by in our house and we suddenly realize that it is November and find that time to breathe. Well, it happened again this, let's take some time to breathe and look back at what has happened since that first day of school with the Rahns......

First day of school

 Junior Year for Carleigh and Freshman Year for Katie....both pictured below next to their Kindergarten pictures. It is scary how fast they grow up, while Don and I don't age at all! ;)

Katie at AET 

Katie got accepted into the Academy of Engineering and Technology and goes to Tuscarora High school every other day for her AET classes. She is studying Information Technology and is taking Physics, IT and Integrated Math (which is a combination of Algebra 2, Trig, Math Analysis and basic Calculus). She travels with 8 other students from Valley and loves the program so much. She is coding using Java, and learning in a totally different way!

A newspaper article that Carleigh wrote for the LVHS News Magazine about AET!
working on a coding program

Laura's New Job as an Instructional Facilitator

 I left the classroom after 26 years and moved into a cubicle! :) Actually, I travel between 6 different elementary schools on a regular basis - working with teacher teams on anything and everything elementary school! I work with 10 other fantastic teachers/facilitators and absolutely LOVE this new experience.

We work hard!
and We Play Hard!

Rina's Birthday

 My mom turned 71 this year, but is still a kid at heart!!


Don traveling to Austin, Texas

Don got to go to Texas for a few days to attend the National AMLE (Association for Middle Level Education) Conference. He had a great time and enjoyed a new state, while we were all jealous at home.

Carleigh visiting Mary Washington

 Carleigh has begun the college tour circuit - we spend the day at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA and she really liked it. She's got a list of about 5 others that we will try to visit in the next few months as she begins to think about the world after high school. It's scary to think that we are already here!


 This year, Carleigh chose (as a junior) to not go to the dance, but to hang out with friends instead. Katie (as a freshman) enjoyed getting dressed up for the dance and going with a group of girls. She had a blast!
Spirit Day - Captain America Days during homecoming week

Leaf Day

 Our annual Leaf Day (rake the leaves, take cute pictures, and then bag them) event this year included Leo. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures and having a new addition to pose with!


 Both girls helped pass out candy this year, but also enjoyed getting into the spirit by dressing up! Leo also came and visited for Halloween with Rosie, Gwen and Chrissy.

Can't believe time flies!

Don had to put on his Gorilla costume to pose with Leo in his Monkey costume

The season is continuing with Carleigh finishing a great run with her youth volleyball team that she coached. She had a great time continuing to share her passion with others. She was a co-head coach of a group of 9 6th,7th,and 8th grade girls. She loved it and they loved her! She is very busy as one of the editors of her school newspaper. Carleigh is also looking at getting her first paying job and will soon be inducted into National Honor Society.

Katie is continuing to impress us with her knowledge of computer coding, physics and her love of all things technology. She has joined the STEM club at Loudoun Valley and gets to program robots and play in their STEM lab on a weekly basis.

Don and I are enjoying watching the girls pursue their passions, and trying to find time to relax during this hectic time of year!

Stay tuned for the Holiday season with the Rahns - it's always a fun time of year and seldom a dull moment!