Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Rahns head west - Day 4 ~ Happy Birthday Katie!! Paragliding Round 2, hiking and the Rodeo

Day 4 started off with a very early morning drop-off at the Jackson Hole airport - mom was flying home and the girls came with me! We enjoyed a 6 a.m. view at Mormon Row in 35 degrees and then to an early morning breakfast at The Bunnery in Jackson Hole. Don chose to sleep in this morning.

6:45 a.m. at the Antler Arches

Birthday Breakfast at the Bunnery!!!

We were back at the room by 8:45 because the girls had scheduled another round of paragliding. They chose to pay for this themselves and were lucky enough to have the same pilots that they had had the first time two days ago.

this is the tram spot that takes you up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain
After paragliding, we packed a picnic lunch and headed into the park. Our first stop was a "small" hill that the girls have been wanting to climb for did. If you look closely you can see them ascending to the top in the center of the pic...

Then we had to get the mandatory sunroof pictures in front of the mountains - another Wyoming tradition.

Our hike was around Leigh Lake - it was about 4-5 miles total and we found a nice spot along the lake for our picnic.

That 5:00 a.m. wakeup and then a 4 mile hike on top of it wore the girls out!! :)

We got back to the hotel, rested and ate a nice dinner close to the hotel because we needed time to get ready for the Jackson Hole Rodeo!! It was what Katie had wanted to do for her birthday and it was a great 2 hours of Wild West Americana! So much fun and neat watching the locals compete against each other - all ages were out there riding from 6 year old girls barrel racing and little boys riding bulls to the adults that are priming to compete in the national rodeo circuit.  It was  a great night and we had to get the mandatory cowboy hats!

What a fun day and a great birthday for Katie!!  Day 5 is another hike - this time to Death Canyon and exploring - not a lot scheduled as we spend our last day in the Tetons before heading to Utah for 6 days!
Stay tuned!!

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